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Oct 25, 2019

Barram keen for title fight

It will be a five-way fight for Australian Prototype Series honours next month at The Bend Motorsport Park, the stage for the series’ season finale.

However sitting at the top of the summit is David Barram, with the driver leading the field after picking up the first two round wins earlier this year.

After getting off to a brilliant start in 2019, Barram was involved in a collision with fellow title rival Daniel Gonzalez in round three before finishing fourth during the previous outing at Winton.

Only two points separate Barram and Gonzalez ahead of the final round and the Chiron driver knows what he as to do to achieve the title.

“I am only leading by a couple of points and there is a lot on offer, but I am aware it’s an uphill battle as it’s Jam Motorsport’s home track. They will have a slight advantage over me,” Barram said.

“I am a little nervous but very excited because you have to be in it to win it, and I have taken the view that I am doing this for the enjoyment and the experience. Wins are bonuses.

“With that said, I’m trying to play it down. I have won different types of silverware before but if I was to win this, it would be the best thing in my 36 years of racing.”

While Barram has been racing since the 1980s, the current batch of Prototype cars are among the best he has ever driven, allowing him to continually enjoy competing in the series - even if he doesn’t win.

Although with less than a month go until one of the biggest race meetings in his longstanding career, Barram has identified the key aspects of his car’s preparation.

“I am focusing on refining the car just making sure it is back as they should be,” Barram added.

“It’s been overheating a little bit which is something that needs fixing, especially since we are heading into South Australa where it will be hot.

“I am working on the cooling system and the brakes because they are overheating too. These are serious cars. They are high end, they drive, reliable, safe and exciting but I need to maintain it.

"I guess the third area I’ve been trying to fix is myself. I have been trying to look at improving my driving a little bit, as well as losing a bit of weight.”

As far as the competition itself, Barram is refusing to get ahead of himself.

"I am just going to go to The Bend, enjoy the track, enjoy the car and whatever happens, happens. That’s been my view of looking at,” Barram explained.

“It’s great because I have not been to some of these tracks before. I have never been to The Bend so I am excited to get a run it. I am just looking forward to having a good fun time because I have know it’s a good track to drive.

“Competition is intense. That is great. There are five of us that could win really.”

The Australian Prototype Series will have its final round at The Bend Motorsport Park as part of the Shannons Nationals on 15-17 November.